Mental Health Services

a mental health workshop series specifically tailored towards kids and adolescents


Trauma Program for Families

We offer a seasonal 4-6 week trauma workshop with a bilingual licensed therapist to help Hispanic parents or adults to learn more about trauma. This need was identified in collaboration with Alma Obande, KSSN Community Coordinator at Cezar Chavez Elementary School.

There are five objectives to this program:

  1. Provide education around trauma and help parents identify specific examples of trauma.
  2. Equip parents to identify trauma in their children and how to respond effectively.
  3. Empower parents to identify trauma in their own lives to reduce the effects of intergenerational trauma.
  4. Educate parents about specific trauma services in the community and connect parents to community partners.
  5. Build relationships across cultures and resources and offer counseling for individuals.

Each week covered a different topic:

  1. Identify trauma: what is trauma, what are the impacts and symptoms of trauma.
  2. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Guest presenter from DHHS, YWCA, or Safe Haven.
  3. Sexual abuse. Guest presenter from Children’s Advocacy Center.
  4. Helping parents identify their own trauma and how it affects their children. Guest presentation from a mental health therapist.
  5. Managing stress and anxiety with Covid-19.
  6. How to manage community violence.


Further mental health resources: 

RPM has offered several other mental health workshops on other topics, like anxiety and depression.

This year we also were able to offer follow up individual counseling sessions for adults that expressed further need to speak with a therapist one-on-one.




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